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Kate Shahid

Owner Director & Leadership Coach

“I’ve always been fascinated with people, teams and organisations and how they tick. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others achieve their true potential. A ‘helper’ by nature, I’m driven by wanting to make a real difference to our clients.”

A full and active member of the Association for Coaching, Kate is a coaching and organisational development specialist with over fourteen years’ experience of supporting individuals and teams across all sectors to develop leadership, effect change and positively enhance organisational cultures. She is most passionate about enabling people and organisations to achieve their true potential through coaching in line with organisational needs, empowering businesses to achieve success & growth through their people.

Kate completed her professional qualifications, including an MBA and a Post Graduate Certificate in Further Education and Training, at Northumbria University’s highly regarded Newcastle Business School. She is an experienced and dedicated leadership coach with over eight years’ experience of training and developing coaching capability in a variety of contexts.

Kate is the founder of the North East’s OD Exchange, a non-profit making professional forum for OD practitioners. She has also recently launched an exciting regional coaching initiative ‘The Coaching Exchange’ in collaboration with the UK’s leading professional coaching body, the Association for Coaching.

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Memberships and Accreditations

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Training (PGCE)

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)

CIPD Certificate in Training Practice (CTP)

Diploma in Performance Coaching


David Charlton

Associate Consultant
Performance Enhancement Specialist (Mental Toughness)
David Charlton

Qualified Sports Psychologist David Charlton is passionate about helping people achieve personal breakthroughs and get the most from their talent.  For the last 6 years, as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, David has successfully applied principles from Sport Psychology and Sport Science to professional athletes, organisations and educational institutions.

David is a fully accredited NLP, i3 and MTQ48 Practitioner and applies a range of specialist techniques to increase the learning, motivation, mental toughness and performance of individuals and teams.

Katharine Roff

Associate Consultant
Behavioural Change Specialist (Emotional Intelligence)

Katharine Roff

A behavioural change Specialist and CEO of Act Positive Ltd, Katharine has a firm track record in creating, developing and delivering highly engaging and experiential learning programmes for senior managers, leaders and personnel in diverse sectors.

Trained in drama, accelerated learning, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence, Katharine focusses on developing communication, emotional intelligence and behavioural strategies to support outstanding performance.

Barbara Gregan

Associate Consultant
Learning and Development Specialist (Training Delivery)

Barbara Gregan

Barbara is a CIPD & CeMap qualified Learning and Development Manager with over 30 year’s experience in customer service, management and leadership development in the Finance, Sales and Travel industries.

Barbara is most passionate about supporting clients to develop their valuable people and grow their business using highly targeted bite-sized training and development interventions to deliver immediate impact and results.

“I found Kate to be warm, engaging and reassuring. Over the course of the couple of months we worked together we uncovered some things I know for certain I wouldn’t have found on my own this side of 60! This has been my biggest ever year for personal growth and Kate has been such an important part of that – I can’t thank her enough.”

Beth Orford, Strategic Resourcing Consultant, Virgin Money