Coaching can be a powerful, focused and efficient development tool when delivered effectively. Our coaching sessions are targeted to achieve results through engaging conversations which encourage appropriate challenge and support.

We provide safe, reflective contexts for our clients to explore different perspectives and gain new insights to enhance their effectiveness, performance and personal wellbeing.

Through a customised programme of coaching, clients will find themselves exploring changes in their thinking and behaviour leading to a greater clarity, focus and authenticity in their lives and careers.


Coaching services include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Life/person centered coaching

Bespoke Training and Development

Bespoke Training and Development

Like people, no two organisations are the same face.  Every business faces unique challenges and opportunities, this is the reason that ‘off-the-shelf’ training and development is rarely effective.

We are a team of personal and organisational development specialists, with over 120 year’s combined experience of identifying and analysing training and development needs then crafting made to measure responses in order to deliver the required impact.

Our bespoke training & development programmes are strength based and solution focused. Participants have described our learning events as fun, immersive, interactive and impactful.

Team Development Workshops/Retreats

Team Development & Retreats

Teams are a huge part of our working and home lives. We depend on teams to get things done. Current research is just catching up to the fact that teams are far more important in terms of organisational success than ever first realised. In fact, teams are being described as ‘tomorrow’s new performance lever’ (Karlgaard & Malone 2015).

When members of a team aren’t working well together, performance and productivity inevitably suffer. Even in the best performing teams, there’s always potential for development and improvement.

We can help a team to take themselves to the next level by designing and facilitating a bespoke team development programme aimed to reduce conflict, improve working relationships and inspire members to keenly focus on achieving team objectives collaboratively whilst playing to each team member’s unique strengths.

Diagnostics and Profiling

Diagnostics and Profiling

Diagnostic instruments are highly effective methods of providing leadership teams with data and clear criteria for reaching the right decisions regarding strategy and future organisational development interventions.

Personality profiling tools can be an excellent addition to any staff development programme. These tools can be used to help people better understand personal styles, preferences and aptitudes at work.

Our team is accredited to use a range of diagnostic and profiling tools to support the development of organisations and their valuable people. Should you require business excellence benchmarking, leadership development, talent management, succession planning and recruitment or outplacement support, look no further. We have the requisite experience, tool kit and skills to assist individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential.